Scientific Approach to Happiness


I must admit I was somewhat skeptical as the speech of Robert Waldinger began but, after listening to it a bit longer, I’ve changed my mind completely.

Can happiness be studied scientifically? Isn’t it something that is beyond science? Yes, and yes.

Science indeed does not define nor measure happiness; however, it can prove what is already known about this quite difficult concept. It’s not necessary to be a scholar to realize that fame and money will not be enough to be truly satisfied with life, at least, for a long-term period. But what will be?

The Harvard 75-year-old study on adult development – the longest in human history – has ventured to observe 700 men throughout their lifespans. What a dedicated approach… This examination has brought an outstanding but at the same time such a simple answer – the key to happiness is the relationships we build during our lives. It is not about rich connections but about meaningful, emotional, and supportive bonds that sustain our soul and even body healthy. It is important to find it relevant at any age and any circumstances that might occur.

Unfortunately, many of us neglect the relations within the family as well as those that are not by blood but by special story very connected to us.

So, if we compare the speech to Maslow’s Pyramid of needs, we will see that it pretty much reflects what Robert Waldinger said since it has ‘belongingness and love needs’ right after basic needs.

Fred Taylor

The speech:


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