“Words are the dress of thoughts; which should no more be presented in rags, tatters, and dirt than your person should” (c) Philip Dormer Stanhope

About this blog
My name is Frederick, and I’m from Ukraine. Here’s my blog where I write about different things. I try to apply different styles. In general, everything I write is based on everyday day life issues. I try to describe my views without imposing it on you so that you can make your personal conclusions. I am a Christian, and I will also publish articles about the relationship between God and human.
You might have noticed that almost everything in my blog is in Russian and Ukrainian, so I decided to add an English part too.

My expectations

I’m always glad to hear not only good comment but also critics, suggestions and so on. Hopefully, reading this blog will not be a waste of time for anyone, but rather it will be a source of inspiration, new and useful ideas or at least just a pleasant “balm” for your minds.