The steel transformation

«You’ll never discover that you are ‘overcomer’ until you have something to overcome»

(c) Phil Pringle

Every one of us has at least once in his or her lifetime faced a situation when we wanted to scream, not at anybody in particular, but just to release some things that have collected inside our soul. All of those difficulties and pressures suddenly push you into a corner. Like a hunter drives out a beast, you become a victim of your circumstances. You find yourself having your back against the ropes. There come fear and desperateness.

What if these kinds of moments are what you need? What if those terrible times are the best that can happen in your life?

Humans often have a false understanding of their potential. For some reason we think that people whom we deem tough have always had unbroken spirit; we believe that the power that they own is something inherent. How stupid are our stereotypes about such persons!

The steel does not turn into a sword by itself, just because it’s supposed to be so. The forger needs to put it on fire and then hammer it to create a whole new thing. The same goes with men. We want to live in peacefulness and still achieve success; we want to be a steel that somehow transforms into a sword with no external force working on it.

The fact is you will never know what you are capable of until you try, and you will never discover that you are an ‘overcomer’ until you have something to overcome. Therefore let God work on you through those ‘screaming situations’, let The Forger hammer the steel.

Fred Taylor

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