Denied requests

There are times that we want something, we pray about it, and still we don’t see the answer.   We don’t understand why it is so. Such denials make us feel disadvantaged and causes us to stop seeing God’s love. But has God stopped loving us, or it’s just that we are not able to discern His ways?
We start to behave like children. Remember when as a kid you wanted something, and you couldn’t have it? You did not know why. Let’s say it was a knife, which to you was fascinating to play with but to your parents too dangerous to let you have. So  what was  going on in your mind:

«Well, I like it, and I want it! I don’t see any reason why they (parents) are not giving it to me! If they love me, they certainly would have allowed me to have? » — childish logic.

Doesn’t it look so funny, when kids would get mad at you because you are trying to save them from terrible things? Sometimes no matter how hard you try to explain it to them, they will never see your point. Because they can’t; because they are just not smart enough to understand such things. But the day will come when they will run to you and hug you as strong as they can, whispering: ‘sorry…and thank you…’ and you will just smile, answering: ‘I love you, I have always loved you.’

Unfortunately, we are not able to God’s vision and to see what is for our good and what may hurt us. We ask Him, and He doesn’t always respond because we’re not ready to hear the answer. Think about it and try to remember the kind of ‘knives’ you’ve asked Him and how disappointed you were for not getting them. The whole picture becomes different then.

It’s difficult to see the denial of your requests over and over again. But it’s even harder to trust God after that. However, later the reward of our faith is greater that we could ever imagine.

Fred Taylor


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